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Time is money.


The question...

Does your organization ever have operational projects they have a hard time completing based on internal resources?

The answer...


Financial Process Consulting and BPR Financial Infrastructure / Interim CFO / IPO Implementations / Project Management  / Troubled Company Reviews / ERP Software Fit/Gap analysis reviews / Econometric modeling and Profitability Analysis/ Financial and Entrepreneurial Training / Management/Executive Development



ACADEMIA2 is a platform for academics to share research papers. The company's mission is to accelerate the world's research.



Effective Liquidity Management in the Post-Credit-Crunch Era BY PETER WELCH

Effective Liquidity Management in the Post-Credit-Crunch Era

Global Financial Crisis (and the concepts of risk and return) - who contributed? BY PETER WELCH

Global Financial Crisis (and the concepts of risk and return) - who contributed?

Asset-Liability Matching, What is it? BY PETER WELCH

Effective Liquidity Management in the Post-Credit-Crunch Era 

Sarbanes-oxley,  DODD-FRANK AND HEDGING all risk and compliance related - should sox 404 go?

Global Financial Crisis (and the concepts of risk and return) - who contributed?





Our pledge...

To bring value to our Clients; top quality resources (senior level experienced consultants), deliverables ahead of schedule, long-term relationships, global expertise and all within corporate budget constraints.







√  IAS / IFRS & Local GAAP

√  Training and Documentation

√  IPSAS Training and Implementation

√  Project Management / Training

√  Convergence to IFRS

√  IFRS Implementations

√  Merging International Acquisitions

√  Managing International Spin-offs

√  Infrastructure / SME Development

√  Process Reengineering / Mapping

Process/Procedural Infrastructure Cost Reduction Improvements

√  Financial / Business Transformation

√  Process Mapping the Close Process

√  USAID / EU / WB Projects

  Econometric / IPO Modeling


Our goal is to establish long-term and value-added relationships by providing ongoing permanent (or temporary) Financial Management. Your CFO can be only a phone-call away.













Our mission is to enable people and companies to connect, share and grow. 

Our members employ over 70 million people in +150 countries. They drive nearly 60% of the world's GDP and lead companies worth over half of the world's stock market value. They control nearly $200 trillion in assets which is more than ten times larger than the GDP of the United States.



 TVET Expert (Peter Welch) of the Week, Lucubrate Magazine, Issue 35

Lucubrate has been developing digital tools for expanding the knowledge since 2017 and has thus acquired an extensive expertise in the digital classroom. The digital tools are developed from more than twenty years experience within education and digitalization. In addition, we face the challenge of transferring skills between countries and a huge change in the demand for skilled workers. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by the coming challenges in the educational sector, we have created innovative, user-friendly applications that are now available.

Lucubrate originated from NKB, which is a Norwegian company established in 1994. A sister company of NKB Norway, was established in Uganda in 2016, and called Nobel Knowledge Building (U) Ltd (NKB, Uganda, Ltd).. The Lucubrate weekly magazine is seen by about 180,000 each week..






AREOPA has developed a model for identifying and quantifying tacit and explicit knowledge as components of intellectual capital. This model serves to evaluate a company’s return on all the capital it employs, helping to explain the difference between book and market values. It also provides guidance as to how and where management should put its attention to grow the organization’s overall IC. By giving a monetary value to tacit and explicit knowledge, management starts to understand the real value and the impact.


axiom2Axiom Acquisitions
[pre-incorporation] is an investment group dedicated to the preservation of brand legacies by leveraged buyout acquisitions.  We seek to consolidate fragmented industries, specifically in telecommunications and cabling and optimize our subsidiary companies' growth by putting in place 21th-century financial management and marketing techniques whilst maintaining brand integrity and company culture. Our utmost priorities lie in our subsidiary companies well being in order to optimize productivity/ efficiency and to provide value to all engaging parties: Such as financiers, sellers, employees, and private divestiture partners.


Silvia Mahútová runs the website dedicated to help people understand and learn IFRS in an easy way. She publishes  articles, videos, podcasts about IFRS and gives lots of advices to her visitors – auditors, students, CFOs, accountants and anyone else interested in IFRS. In 2018, her website has over 130 000 visits per month and students of her courses come from more than 130 countries in the world.












Specializing in market planning and strategy development; sales planning, budgets and econometric modeling; cash flow budgets/ projections, including analysis and financing options/strategies.

As a Small Start-Up Business Owner, Let Us Be Your Solution and ease your current and tremendous workload, by being your right hand, for periods when your workload is excessive. Let Us be an interim complement to you and your staff.

  • Accounting Set Up
  • Audits & Workpapers
  • Business Startup Development
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Cash Flow Forecasts / Financing
  • Troubled-Company Reviews
  • Taxation & Workpapers
  • Infrastructure & Internal Controls






 to all businesses including major Fortune 500 organizations.

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